Laser Procedures

Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing (DOT Therapy)

Our practice was one of the first practices in the U.S. to offer the SmartXide DOT laser system to our patients. This laser is unique because it ablates a customized pattern of tiny microsized dots rather than the entire skin surface. This allows for significantly faster healing and less down time (i.e. three to four days) than traditional laser resurfacing and can be performed comfortably with only topical anesthesia. One to three treatments may be required for maximum improvement. This procedure is ideal for patients with mild to moderate sun damage, wrinkles and acne scars, who desire a gentle alternative to traditional laser resurfacing.

Laser Removal

Laser Removal of Age Spots, Freckles and Birthmarks
The ND Yag Quanta C laser is the most advanced device in laser technology and is extremely effective in treating unwanted pigmentation. The ND Yag Quanta C laser is formulated to remove unwanted brown spots, while producing treated skin with a uniform color and texture. Most lesions can be removed in only one visit. Any person with unwanted age spots, freckles and birthmarks is an ideal candidate for this laser treatment.

Laser Removal of Unwanted Facial Veins, Redness, Vascular Growths, Angiomas, Stretch Marks and Red Birthmarks
The Candela V-Beam laser was designed to safely treat myriad vascular (blood vessel-related) skin conditions. The V-Beam is a non-abrasive laser that selectively destroys the blood vessels of your vascular lesions without damaging surrounding skin or tissue. The V-Beam effectively treats rosacea, red nose, facial veins, scars, port-wine stains (red birthmarks), angiomas (tumors) and stretch marks. The V-Beam is also a highly effective tool for the treatment of mild wrinkles and skin rejuvenation, especially when combined with the Intense Pulsed Light laser (see below). Any patient who deals with unwanted lesions or any of the above conditions will benefit from the V-Beam laser, but multiple sessions will be necessary to achieve desired results.

Tattoo Removal

A tattoo is designed to last for a lifetime. However, if your feelings about a tattoo change over time, there is a laser removal technology. The process tends to be expensive, requires multiple visits and can be painful. Essentially, the laser’s energy is aimed at pigments in the tattoo. The The Quanta C laser emits short zaps of targeted light that reach the deeper layers of the skin. This stimulates the body’s immune system to remove the pigment. It is critical that the procedure be handled in a sterile manner in order to prevent infection. Home care following laser removal treatments is similar to the care recommended for getting a tattoo.

Laser Hair Removal

Patients now have the ultimate option in the removal of unwanted hair by using our safe, effective and state-of-the-art Candela Gentle-LASE laser. This laser is the safest and most effective laser for permanent hair reduction and is safe for almost all skin types. This Gentle Yag noninvasive procedure is designed specifically to reduce unwanted hair from all parts of the body. Three to five treatments are required; however, more may be necessary to achieve the maximum desired results.

Photo Rejuvenation (IPL)

Photo Rejuvenation (IPL)—Intense Pulsed Light laser—is one of our most popular and effective procedures to rejuvenate sun-damaged and aging skin. Multiple wave lengths of light are used to selectively destroy brown discoloration, age spots and freckles and diffuse redness and telangiectasia of the skin in sun-damaged areas of the face, neck, chest, arms and legs. Mild wrinkles, pore size and sallowness is also improved. This treatment is often combined with the V Beam laser to achieve maximum results. After an IPL treatment, there is minimal to no downtime, and successful treatments usually require three to five sessions, four weeks apart.