How Laser Hair Removal Works and Why People Love It

Hair is all over our bodies in one form or another. Some hair we love and care for, but in some places, we simply wish it weren’t there! Shaving day after day is monotonous and has probably left you with razor burn more than a few times — especially in more sensitive areas. Gels and creams that claim to leave you hairless usually do nothing at all, and they can even damage your skin. This is why so many people are opting for laser hair removal — the best choice for hairless, healthy skin. With only a few short sessions with your dermatologist, you can have permanently sleek skin, so why not consider laser?

When opting for laser treatment, it’s helpful to know what to expect from your first visit. Once you’ve decided on the regions of hair that you want to get rid of, your dermatologist can select the right laser treatment plan for you. Common areas for hair removal include the armpits, legs, bikini zone, and upper lip. At the time of your appointment, your ANRP (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) will operate the laser, targeting your unwanted hair. You may experience a hot rubber band-like feeling on your skin during the laser treatment, but generally patients are comfortable throughout. To make it even more palatable, the sessions only last between 5 and 20 minutes. Consider how much time you would spend shaving for the rest of your life versus several quick treatment sessions that leave you smooth and hairless for far, far longer.

Many patients often wonder how exactly the laser is able to eradicate all future hair growth in most cases. Laser hair removal works as you might imagine, with a laser targeted directly at the hair follicles you want to eliminate. The laser emits a light that is absorbed directly into the melanin in your hair. The melanin is what gives it pigment, so darker hair will have more melanin to absorb the light. This means that the darker your hair is, the better it will be permanently eradicated by the laser. Lighter hair may require more sessions.

After your brief appointment, you’ll notice that most of the unwanted hair has immediately died from laser exposure. Over the next few weeks you will see that the hair has been permanently removed. No more razor burn or razors to buy!

All patients will require more than one session to create permanently smooth skin. After each session, the patient may experience slight redness or swelling of the treated areas, but this effect quickly diminishes, leaving the skin clean and healthy. Following your session, the ANRP will give you excellent follow-up instructions, which include using sun protection on treated areas and avoiding any skin whitening or harsh creams around the areas for a period of time after your treatment.

Millions of people have already said goodbye to razors with the help of laser hair removal. When the technology is available to provide you with a permanently sleek look, why continue the cycle of shaving and hating it? Opting for laser might just be the best thing you can do for your skin and your happiness!