Let’s talk “Mask-ne” (mask-acne). Many of us are experiencing new or worsening acne and irritation around the chin and cheek areas due to wearing our protective masks in this COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips to help combat the accumulation of bacteria, moisture and even fungus under your masks:

  • Avoid wearing heavy make-up underneath the mask to prevent pore clogging – we recommend using a tinted moisturizer instead, such as EltaMD tinted sunscreen or ZO Suncreen + Primer and ZO Smart Tone.
  • Wash your face immediately when you get home and remove your mask to remove the built-up pore-clogging bacteria. Using a wash with salicylic acid such as ZO Exfoliating Cleanser will help clean your pores.
  • Incorporate an acne fighting toner into your routine – we recommend ZO Calming Toner for sensitive skin types, complexion renewal pads for Normal Skin or Oil Control Pads for Oily/Acne prone skin.
  • Use a sulfur based treatment mask, like the ZO Sulfur mask. Sulfur is bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory, and reduces sebum. Safe for all skin types.
  • Be extra gentle with your sensitized skin in the area. Avoid using your retinoids or harsh scrubs in the areas you are experiencing irritation. For gentle, safe exfoliation we recommend ZO Exfoliating Polish 2-4 times weekly, or the Dual Action Scrub for less-sensitive, oily skin types.
  • Feeling dryness and irritation rather than acne? Moisturizing is essential to protect the skin and restore the skin barrier in irritated, compromised skin. The ZO Hydrating Cream is a holy grail product for severely dry, irritated skin.
  • If you have a washable fabric mask wash it frequently in HOT water and dry completely.

There also has been an increase in cases of a condition called perioral dermatitis (“POD”) – this is an inflammatory condition involving many bumps around the mouth and can itch, burn or sting. P.O.D requires prescription treatment, so if you feel that you are experiencing these symptoms call to make an appointment today.

We sell the above items in the office. We are offering curbside pickup If you would like to call in your order, and then call us when you arrive.

As always, our providers are here to help with any acne, rosacea or other skincare needs. If you feel you need prescription medications, call to make an appointment with Laura or Alison today. Bethany, our aesthetician and ZO expert is in the office Wednesdays and Fridays if you would like to treat yourself to a Hydrafacial, peel or a consult for ZO Skin Health Product recommendations.